SATCoL trial’s new drop & shop concept at Asda’s first reduce, reuse, recycle store

SATCoL has launched a new drop & shop donation point at Asda’s sustainability trial store in Leeds which opened to the public today and is leading the way with a new reduce, reuse and recycle concept.

The supermarket also unveiled its new plastics reduction strategy with a promise that customers will not pay more for greener options. The store is designed to help shoppers reduce, reuse and recycle with ease and Asda estimates the numerous initiatives being trialled in Middleton will save one million pieces of plastic per year.

As the trading arm of the charity, we have been working closely with Asda’s sustainability team who are driving a host of new concepts including refill zone, customer recycling hub, increased range of loose produce and hanger recycling at self-scan checkouts.

SATCoL partners with Asda and manages over 831 clothing banks for the supermarket. Last year, over 6,000 tonnes of textiles were collected from Asda’s clothing banks which, in addition to raising funds for The Salvation Army, raised more than £600,000 for Asda’s Tickled Pink charity. The new drop & shop concept has been designed to give shoppers a more interactive and convenient way to donate, and funds raised from donations will further increase funding for both charities.

Karen Todd, Head of Zero Waste at Asda, said: “The Salvation army drop & shop provides a convenient solution for customers under one roof. Customers can drop off their donation and then shop, and this concept fits with the reuse part of the Asda strategy.”

Kirk Bradley, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Salvation Army Trading Company, said: “Each week we reuse and recycle around 5 million items, preventing them going to landfill. We are thrilled to be working with Asda’s sustainability team on the new drop & shop concept. This will enable us to interact with Asda’s customers and donors; it also gives more people the opportunity to reuse and recycle their pre-loved items which helps reduce waste and raise more money for vital charity work.”

The new drop & shop donation point at Asda's new sustainability store in Middleton, Leeds, which estimates will save one million pieces of plastic each year.