Dear Customers, Donors and Supporters

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all the support we have received from you and our colleagues this year. The commitment and willingness of everyone to help during these challenging times has been truly inspirational.

Throughout this year, Salvation Army Trading Company (SATCoL) has been adapting to the changes and we have a clear plan of how we will move forward and re-emerge from the latest Government restrictions. Our priority is to help keep our colleagues, their families and our communities safe, and to support the UK Government and devolved Governments with their respective plans to control the coronavirus.

SATCoL will continue to help and serve others in any way we can, and as best we can.

Following the recent announcement regarding the lockdown for England this Thursday, all charity shops in England operated by SATCoL will close this Wednesday. Currently, our shops in Scotland, which equates to a quarter of our stores, will continue to welcome customers through their doors. Our Wrexham shop has been closed as part of the Wales ‘firebreak’, and will reopen when restrictions are lifted.

Our clothing bank collections will operate as usual throughout the UK. The work of our Clothing Collection Division (CCD) will provide huge support for supermarkets, local authorities and our communities, and help avoid the public health issues we witnessed earlier in the year with the extraordinary levels of fly-tipping experienced in all parts of the UK. Since the first lockdown, a considerable amount of work has been happening in the background with organisations such as the Textile Recycling Association (TRA); this now means that recycling operators are included in the same category as ‘waste disposal’ and enables CCD to continue its vital work. This will also help us to avoid significant clean-up costs.

Our SP&S and support services will serve its customers and the business. Customers can place orders on our website, including from our latest Christmas range: https://www.sps-shop.com/

For our colleagues providing essential services in the workplace, the focus on safety remains a priority. We have been working with enhanced safety measures since the start of the pandemic, over and above those recommended by the Government, and this will continue to help everyone stay safe.

The Salvation Army has transformed its response during the pandemic to ensure it is directly reaching those hit the hardest by the coronavirus. Our foodbanks have expanded and we are using our local networks to reach people who can no longer feed themselves or their families and are cut off from other sources of help. Homeless day centres are now offering doorstep health advice and food parcels, while night time soup runs are delivering hot food at a safe distance. Please visit our charity’s news centre to keep up to date with the support provided during this most important time and all year: https://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/news

God bless and thank you for your continued support.

Trevor Caffull
Managing Director




Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash