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New Year's Resolutions
| 09 January 2017

If you weren’t aware, it’s the New Year! It is now well and truly 2017. And with a new year, comes a new you, right?

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5 hacks for a frugal Christmas
5 hacks for a frugal Christmas
| 14 December 2016

We all know that while Christmas is a time of togetherness and love, it can also be a time of great spending! If you want to save money without giving up too much, a few changes here and there can make a big difference. Take a look at these hacks for a frugal Christmas

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Andrew Volunteering
What is it like to volunteer with us?
| 25 November 2016

The Salvation Army Trading Company is always encouraging their Head Office staff to take a day away from their desks and volunteer in their local shop.

Andrew, from our Customer Service Team, gives his account of his day of volunteering in our Stevenage shop:

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The Salvation Army opens Donation Centre in West Brom
| 17 November 2016

The Salvation Army have opened their first Donation Centre, a building with the specific purpose of collecting donations from the public to sell in their charity shops both locally and across the UK. The Donation Centre, which opened its doors in West Bromwich in October, was born from the need of more donations to stock The Salvation Army’s chain of charity shops with the thought being that an out-of-town and purpose built centre is more convenient than a small shop in the centre of town. The Salvation Army hope that this new centre will see a great increase in donations, together with a greater breadth including furniture and other household items.

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Christmas is here for The Salvation Army
| 14 November 2016

And those of us who are last minute won’t even start shopping until the week before if we’re lucky. But it’s common knowledge that Christmas comes early in the retail world, what with supermarkets selling wrapping paper and mince pies from September and garden centres getting out their Christmas trees at the first sign of frost. So as a retailer we have to keep up with these trends and traditions.

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Giving the Gift of Time
| 11 November 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of love, laughter, family. A time to eat chocolates in front of the television and snuggle up with a blanket. It’s a time of being together. It’s a time of giving.

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Remembrance display in Highcliffe makes a true impact
| 10 November 2016

As Remembrance Day, 11th November, draws closer many of our shops have expressed this in their window displays. Across the country shop teams have gathered to create thoughtful and creative displays incorporating the poppy and other recognisable remembrance items. 

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Boutique Charity Shop is a hidden gem
| 19 October 2016

The Salvation Army Charity Shop in Wilmslow, tucked away on Water Lane, is a treasure trove of amazing finds. As one of just three ‘Boutique’ Salvation Army shops, it specialises in designer and individual goods, with previous donations including a Gucci handbag, Karen Millen and Ted Baker dresses, an Armani suit and a Diesel watch.

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Salvation Army Shops support Care Home Project
| 13 October 2016

It may be news to many that The Salvation Army operates 13 care homes across the UK. One of these care homes is Youell Court in Coventry, which provides residential care for up to 40 people, many of whom are living with dementia. The home provides specialised support, with organised activities during the week as well as allowing the residents to have the freedom to choose what they do on a day to day basis.

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Salvation Army Charity Shop hosts their very own ‘Junior Bake Off’
| 06 September 2016

Many of us have already been bitten by the Bake-Off-bug, having been hooked in previous series, so it didn’t take long for us to resume our dreams of becoming baking masters when the BBC sensation returned a couple of weeks ago.

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West Midlands town of Shirley sees launch of new Salvation Army shop
| 29 July 2016

The Salvation Army opened its latest charity shop in the West Midlands town of Shirley this week. The doors officially opened yesterday (Thursday 28 July) at 10.30am at 205 Stratford Road.

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How young lifehouse residents inspired new t-shirt designs
| 28 July 2016

When you ask someone to think about the work of The Salvation Army, most often they already understand that the church and charity plays a vital part in helping people who experience homelessness get back on their feet. What they might not know, is that this includes young people as well.

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